Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's in your pocket?

Our days are always busy, it seems. Whether it be homeschooling, taking care of the house, fixing meals, or even making a run to the doctor for an unexpected appointment. (Yes, this happened today-I have two words for you-pink eye!) With so many people in one house, with so much going on, things tend to get a little...messy! I don't do well with lots of messes sitting around, so I find myself just picking up small messes as I see them, throughout the day, rather than waiting for it to turn into something larger! It might be a small piece of trash, a lego, a matchbox car, or maybe even a cheerio or two. I don't always have time to find the nearest trash can or put the object back where it goes, so I usually end up stuffing it into my pocket (or apron, if I'm wearing one) to throw or put away later. Well, undoubtedly, the "later" becomes "never" and the many pickings up throughout the day leave me with some pretty stuffed pockets. I have had times where it looks like I'm storing up nuts for the winter! At the end of the night, when I'm getting ready to take my shower (happiness!), I always empty out my pockets and get a good laugh out of what I find. It's just so obvious I'm a homeschooling mom, as I take out small blocks, erasers, and magnetic letters. Better in my pockets, than scattered on my floor-that's my motto! Though I don't appreciate it so much now, I know there is a day when I will miss not having all those little toys to pick up! (sniff) So for now, I'll just make sure to buy clothes with very deep pockets! :-)

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  1. Hi Amy,
    Sorry for poor little John. Poor guy, it hurts. Please tell Matthew good luck with his job. I pray you have a safe trip. I'm so very sorry, i sure Aunt Sue is resting in peace.
    Love Rose xo