Monday, October 19, 2009

Friend or foe?

Do you know what this is? It's a picture of my computer, whom I can call "Acer", who has seemed to have developed a mind of his own the past couple months or so. Apparently, Acer has grown weary of sifting through so many emails that end up in my inbox and has decided to start sorting them himself, based on whatever his mood may be that day (and no, they're not going to my junk email box-they're going to his own special hidden place!) It never seems to be the junk mail he sorts out either, but more of the important emails that include information I may actually need-or a note from someone that I would love to read! So forgive me if you have emailed and you never heard back! Has anyone else had this happen with their computer..or is it just me? It seems to me that me and electronics just aren't so compatible-we're like oil and water-we just don't mix. Sure, I get along okay, but it's really just muddling through it. The picture I took here with my camera is a little grainy because I can't figure out the settings-I usually just start punching buttons until it looks like I want..or I go fetch hubby or my 16 year old. Another thing I can't figure out? My cell phone..yes, I know..welcome to 2009, right? I can pretty much answer it and that's it. I've got phone numbers programmed in it by hubby, of course, but don't know how to get to them! I just texted for the first time a week ago. It took me 10 minutes to send one sentence, but I did it, only to be promptly texted back and made fun of. How do teens do this all day? I'm sure if I really sat down and took the time to figure out all these things, I could. I mean, after all, I used to be that teen that rolled her eyes at her parents because they couldn't figure out these simple things! Well, for now, I can always just pick up my landline and call someone if I need to-does anyone have one of those anymore, except me? Sigh....I miss those simple days!

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