Tuesday, October 6, 2009

From one extreme to the other...

In our house, we've got all ages, from little babies up to big ones! Here is my littlest guy, just 10 months old-crawling, babbling, getting into everything, and making messy diapers!

It's funny sometimes to go from that, to this.....

My oldest, 16 years old! Doesn't he look nice, by the way? This picture was taken this week just before he went out for a job interview. He's been on the hunt the past few weeks. Amazingly, of about a dozen applications he put in, he really only got an interview with one. A sign of the times, really. Jobs are hard to come by these days-even those ones that were so readily available to teens years ago. Hard to think that one day my little guy will be big like this! They sure don't stay small for long enough. Enjoy all those ages and stages-before you know it, they will be all grown up!


  1. We have decided to stop celebrating b'days in this house so no one else (including me) won't get any older. Just kidding. Great pics. Very handsome.

  2. Great pic. He look so handsome. I wish him good luck. I pray you Amy a safe trip. Kim & the boys came as a surprise, for a few days. Miss & love you all, Love Rose.