Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This week's happenings!

So what's been happening with us lately? Well, my 12 yo son had his court of honor for Boyscouts this week and received his next rank of second class. He worked very hard toward the requirements (especially the swimming part) and truly deserved it! He is looking forward to working toward his next rank. Congrats sweetie!

My 8 yo daughter just started her violin lessons a couple weeks ago and is loving it. She had been asking me for quite some time to start, so I'm glad it has become a reality. Her teacher is wonderful and so patient and I am glad she is able to express her creativitiy in this way.

In case you're wondering about her artistic side, she is my only one that has this God-given bent for art in any form, whether it be singing, drawing, instruments, whatever! It's truly something she loves to do. Here is her wall in her room....just a sampling of the many pictures she has drawn! Like an art gallery!

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