Saturday, February 12, 2011

Home improvements

Over the past dozen years, it has been on our desire to move out to a home in the country, to give the kids more breathing room, more running space, and just have a more open area. We lived on 2 acres when our 2 kids were little and always desired to go back to it. Well, fast forward many more years and many more kiddos, and it has not become a reality. It was something that used to bother me, wondering just why it had not happened, but I have come to realize that there is a very good reason why it has NOT happened, and maybe never will. At this point, the Lord just does not want for us to be in another house. Maybe it will happen in the future, maybe not, but for now we are staying put. To help make our house more liveable, we will gradually be doing some home improvements-nothing major, but significant enough for us. The first one was to replace our worn out carpet. It was only 3 years old, but after being trampled on by so many little feet, it was looking pretty yucky. Our decision on which carpet to choose pretty much came down to the $$ amount and the color. Yes, after 10 kiddos, we realized that light carpet looks nice, but really does not hold up to the abuse we put it through. We needed dirt colored carpet-seriously! We shopped around for a good couple of months, and after haggling the carpet store down, we found what we wanted. This past week, the installers came and put it in-a two day job-and we could not be happier. Here's a look....
eSee what I mean..dirt colored! Now if only I had the dirt colored tile to go with it-we wouldn't have to mop nearly as much! Well, this is a gradual process, so one project down, several more to go!

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