Thursday, February 24, 2011

An edible history lesson

We have been learning about Napoleon in history and his many conquests. During his invasion of Egypt, his soldiers uncovered a very valuable piece of history-the Rosetta Stone. This stone was discovered in the city of Rosetta (hence the name) and contained heiroglyphic writing, which, up until then, had been indecipherable. This particular writing, however, contained a Greek translation of the writings, so they could finally be translated. An amazing accomplishment in learning about the ancient world. For our project, the kids designed their own Rosetta stones, copying some of the heiroglyphics. The "stone" was a giant sugar cookie, and the writing was done in frosting....

The finished products....

Not bad! And tasty, too!


  1. Very interested! You are something else. Sarah's blog is very cute. She didn't answer me yet. Amy she is so much like you. Adorable. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family! My love to all, love Rose xo

  2. how cool is that! you're so creative!