Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy President's Day!!

Hopefully you knew that Monday was President's Day! With the exception of being off school, i don't think most people do a whole lot to celebrate it-I surely never did, but in trying to stick with our commitment to celebrate most holidays this year (big and small), we decided to do something fun. We had a wonderful lunch, featuring Franklin-furters (yes, I know Franklin wasn't a president, but he is on the $100 bill!) ; George Washington's cherries (yogurt with cherries on top)...

Hamilton and cheese crackers, and lincoln legs (rod shaped pretzels). The kids scarfed it down!

And for dessert (excuse the sideways picture please) we had cupcakes, complete with the heads of those printed on our bills. That's Alexander Hamilton you see there...

We played a fun game of throwing coins in a bucket-the winner got a shiny quarter!

And then on to scrubbing pennies with vinegar and salt to brighten and clean them up. I glued each one onto some green felt and they wore them as pins. Cute!

Sorry, no Obama activities at our party-i'm thinking he won't do anything significant enough to end up on a coin....


  1. Ooohhhhaaa, so great! You are amazing, as usual!!! I miss talking with you
    also. Miss you all, love Rose xo

  2. FYI, That's Andrew Jackson on the cupcake. He is on the $20 bill. :-X
    Sorry stumbled upon your blog and as daughter to a history professor hated to keep my mouth shut :-)

  3. I came across your blog while doing research marital/child-rearing research and was pleased until this post. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I must also state mine. I was a little offended by your closing statement regarding OUR President Obama. Even if you do not agree with his policies, let's acknowledge that our President has made history as the first African American to be elected by the people. We celebrate birthdays and other holidays that pay homage to people who will NEVER be on a coin. I will continue to follow your blog but I felt the need to post this comment. Have a blessed day!