Monday, January 24, 2011

Haircut sisters!

Today was a field trip for the 4 oldest girls to the haircut shop-everyone was long overdue for a trim, which was evident by the bangs hanging in their eyes. They were thrilled to tell the hairdresser what they wanted and walk out looking like gorgeous girls! Oh..and if you're wondering why daughter #5 didn't get hers cut..well, I've kind of given up on her 'do, as she cuts it so often herself!

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  1. Dear Quivermom,

    My name is Janna, and I am a senior at Haverford College. I found your lovely blog by googling "quiverfull blogs."

    I am a political science major with an interest in social movements, and I think that something really dynamic and interesting is happening with communities of faith in America. In the coming weeks, I will be putting together a survey (about 10-15 questions) for Quiverfull couples trying to understand how people find the Quiverfull movement, why they join, and why they stay invested in the Quiverfull community. I would love for you and your husband to participate. The identities of all participants will remain confidential, and I have no plans to publish my findings, but if you wanted to see the finished product, I would be happy to send you a copy.

    If your family would be interested in participating in my research, I would be deeply grateful, and very happy to have your input. If you know other families that might be interested in participating, feel free to pass on my contact information.

    All the best,
    Janna Frieman
    Haverford College Class of 2011