Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Pie Day!

My kiddos and I got this great calendar in the mail a while back from Oriental Trading Company. It's a 12 month calendar and includes all the holidays on it...and I mean ALL the holidays-ones that I'd never heard of! For example, this past week was National Popcorn Day (yes, we did partake) and National Hugging Day on Friday (fun!) The kids and I are trying to participate in as many of the holidays as we can-just for fun, really. Some of them are kind of off the wall-we've got opposite day coming up-should be interesting. Some are food related-the best kind, in my book. Today just happens to be National Pie Day. So in honor of the holiday, I baked a yummy apple pie yesterday to have for dessert after dinner, along with some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (double yum!) Let's just say the kids loved it and wished it could be Pie Day everyday!

You can tell from the pictures, they more or less inhaled it! Enjoy your pie day-go have a slice with some ice cream and thank the Lord for small indulgences! :-)

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