Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long time, no posts?!

I took a little break from the blogosphere these past couple weeks. The reason? It seems like someone put life on fast forward...and it just has not stopped! My oldest son started college this week, so we spent many hours at the college testing, enrolling, and getting everything ready. At the same time, he's been preparing to enlist in the military-all of these decisions coming within a week of Christmas! On top of that, we've been consumed with homeschooling-doing plenty of backtracking in our lessons for those who seemed to "forget" how to do their math problems, trying to organize my home better (one of my resolutions), keeping up with outside activities, having sick kiddos, and well..just dealing with life! Whew! I do have my eyes set on spring lately...looking forward to the warmer weather and being able to spend some time outside, soaking up the sunshine! relaxes me just to think about it! To be honest with you, these past few weeks, I've taken hardly any pictures of my crew-it just did not come to my mind most of the time. But when i turned on my camera to look at the pictures, I saw lots that my kiddos had taken for me! We have a couple new members in the family, which have kept my girls quite busy. If you're wondering about them, here's a peek...(this is just a sampling of their photo session)
Oh yes, the American Girl dolls, along with all the accessories. Apparently they require a lot of maintenance-clothes and shoe changes, hair dressing, horse rides, and tucking in at nite. :-) Along with the dolls, there's just been a whole lot of hanging out...and goofiness, too!
And let's not forget little dude...I love this one of him in the cool sunglasses! It's moments like this I treasure...he's happy...and not destroying something or getting into trouble, which seems to be his norm lately. Yes, he does make me realize how old I'm getting just trying to keep up with his antics, but also just how blessed I am, too!

So there you have it...not much exciting, which is unusual around here. I will try better to arm myself with my camera-and take time to post more. For now, I'm going to go enjoy a relaxing Saturday morning with my kiddos!

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  1. Whew, you said a lot! All American family, how blessed I'm to be part of this family! I love you all, love gram xo