Thursday, May 20, 2010

This week

I have been busy this week with household things, as in organizing and cleaning out stuff- so I haven't taken much time to blog. There was a special event this week-my kids finished up their Awana club for the year at church and an awards ceremony was held. They have worked very hard on their Bible verses and I was happy to see them rewarded. Here is my 7 yo receiving her award for finishing her book. So proud! (My camera was not working well this nite, so unfortunately, this is the only picture I have!

Tonight, we had our end of the year skating party with the homeschool group. I only ended up taking half my crew, which seemed like nothing! The kids had a ball skating-especially my 4 year old. She's fearless!
Here's my 8 yo taking a break-whew!

Oh-and the goofy little guy again. He did surprisingly well.

Here's one of the games they played. Apparently, falling down was one of the rules of play!

A fun time and a nice way to wrap up the school year. :-)

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  1. Again what a Mommy, you need 30 hrs. in one day! You are amazing as always, you do what 5 Mother's should do, but don't I love you Amy. Love Rose xo