Thursday, May 6, 2010

Art museum visit

Today we had the opportunity to go to the Art Museum here in Houston with some fellow homeschoolers, thanks to free admission day! Grandma, our family art aficionado, would have been very proud! I can't say all my kids were thrilled to go, but I have wanted to visit for a while and my kids do deserve more exposure to art than their mom gives them! Here they are at the front of the museum.

They each took several pictures of some of their favorite paintings, though we were only allowed to photograph certain ones. Here are a few they took....

Isn't this vase beautiful?

Here's the whole group after we got done and were relaxing in the sculpture garden just outside the museum. They were happy to finally be able to run around a little and have some snacks.
We had a good time and they behaved very well! By the way, all these kiddos belong to only 2 families-isn't that great? I'm sure we had a lot of double takes while we were there!

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