Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baking day

Okay..anyone who knows me well knows that I love to bake. With such a big family to feed, it seems to be a perfect fit! I visited one of my favorite stores at the mall, Kitchen Collection,the other day, to pick up a couple of springform pans and ended up with a little more than what I came for. :-) What can I say-it's a dangerous store for me to go into! I've already got about 5 other things on my wish list from there. I came home with this odd looking thing-it's a french bread pan. I had seen them before, but never used one. I'm used to baking my french bread on a regular, flat baking sheet, which is fine, but this one is rounded-I guess to help keep the shape better.

The results? Well, here it is. They turned out pretty well and tasted really good, but it seemed to take longer to cook than my usual method. Also, next time I am going to try not greasing my pan first, but just use cornmeal to dust it for a little crispier crust on the bottom. Oh-and I didn't bake a funny looking half loaf-we just ate half of it before I could take the picture!

Well, why stop there-the kids were playing in the yard and baby was napping, so I decided to bake up a quick batch of one of the yummiest breads you'll ever taste! They're garlic bread sticks (though you can't tell, because I haven't cut them yet). I tried this recipe out probably 5 months ago and it became an instant hit in my house. They're so yummy with any kind of Italian or pasta dish and best of all, everyone (including the picky eaters) likes them.

And one thing I love (and my kiddos love) about baking? The eating, of course! :-)

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  1. What a Mommy!!!!!!!!! The garlic bread looks great. Please let me know how to make them. Enjoy your baking. Also Amy please give me the name of the baking store, so i can gift cards there for you
    Love Rose xoxox