Sunday, May 9, 2010

Formal night out

Hubby and I had the opportunity to go out last night to a formal event downtown-a fundraiser for the hospital system he works for. It is quite out of my element to go to formal events, as I am used to being much more casual, but it is a great experience and such a fun date night with my husband. This year's theme was Viva Las Vegas. The show was mostly celebrity impersonators singing and, of course, Elvis was there-though he really was one of the worst Elvis impersonators I've seen! There were also the flamingo dancers-wearing next to nothing-but fortunately, that was fairly short lived. We dined on a 3 course dinner, beautifully presented. I thought it was lovely, but hubby wasn't overly impressed, maybe given the $2500 per plate price tag. No, that's not a typo, but don't worry, his company is the one who paid, not us! They finished off the night with a band and dancing. Yes, hubby and I were among the first out on the dance floor, having a great time. The first group of songs was sort of a tribute to Michael Jackson, so we got to boogie away to Thriller, Billy Jean, and even the Jackson 5's ABC! I mean, who couldn't dance to that?! As the songs turned to more modern ones like Lady Gaga (what does she have to do with Vegas?!), we made our exit. It was late, and time to go home and relieve our babysitters! Overall, we had a great time and I'm sure we'll be back again next year!

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  1. You look beautiful. It sounds like such a fun night.