Monday, August 17, 2009

Toddlers + scissors = No good!!

Okay....what is it with my kids and scissors? I mean, it's not as if I leave them laying out in every room, just waiting for some curious toddler to come snatch them up and go on a cutting spree! No, in fact, I keep the scissors up high-away from little hands. But if you have a curious toddler (or have ever had one for that matter!), you know that trouble is only one chair climb away! Well, this time it was Eden, my spunky little 2 yo. She got a hold of a pair of scissors-kiddie scissors, mind you-yesterday, and started chopping away at her pretty blond locks. Yes, she had such pretty, long, girly hair before she started! She also decided to take a few chops at Hannah's hair too-in fact, completely chopping off one side. Sigh.... What to do? Well-here was the damage taken after the incident. You can see the whole left side of Hannah's hair is gone. It's harder to tell the damage to Eden's-but her bangs were mostly gone, along with the sides, and she chopped a big hunk from the back. I didn't take a picture of the big box of hair they brought me afterward, but I should have.

Well, I piled them in the car and off we went to Great Clips at 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon. Not my idea of a fun afternoon out-but I couldn't stand to look at their hair! I told the ladies there what happened and asked them to just do the best they could to help my girls look more normal until their hair grew out again! Well, I 'm happy to say, they did. Here is the after picture:

Yes, Hannah's is still chopped really bad on the side, I know, but there's not much they can do. I mean, you can't paste hair back on! Time will bring her pretty hair back. Eden, on the other hand, got a totally new 'do. She looks pretty cute, I must say, with her little bob. With the exception of the chopped bangs, you can't really tell she did anything to it. And look how happy they are to get lollipops for being so good! I truly hope this is my last blog post about my kids doing homemade haircuts, but sadly, it probably won't be. I will definitely have a lot of good memories to look back on and laugh about-at this point, I think laughing is the best thing to do!


  1. Oh my goodness! You just can't catch a break in the hair department, can you? Well, it's a good thing that hair does grow back, and it doesn't seem to take too long with yours. :) Hopefully this will be the last for you, at least for a veeeerrrrrrry long time!!!

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  3. Oh I know! I just had an episode last week. You can read about it here.
    Also, when my 9 year old and 8 year old were much younger, he (the 8 yob) cut off a beautiful blond ringlet that hung down his sister's (9 yog) back. I had to cut her hair short to make it look right. She looked cute with blond curls all over, but we still missed that long blond ringlet. *sigh* It never looked quite the same afterward. But it did grow out! And now it's really long. I guess this hair cutting is just my payment for cutting my aunt's bangs when we were little girls. I cut it right next to the scalp. Boy was I in trouble!

  4. I think they both look adorable. We have all gone through this with our little ones, it's just you have more little ones to go through this with. They should make some kind of lock for the handle of scissors so kids can't open them. But, little hands will always find something else to do:)

  5. I've passed along an award to you. Come see my blog to find out about it.