Thursday, August 27, 2009

Learning around the world

This year in homeschool, we are learning world geography with our curriculum-My Father's World. It is our first year using this curriculum and I am really enjoying it! History and geography were certainly not my strong points in school, but I think that is because it was always so boring! Not now! I have to say that learning about all these different countries is interesting and fun! My kids would agree...on most of it, that is. The past couple weeks we have focused on Mexico. We wrap up our studies tomorrow, so we will be having a little party to celebrate, where we get to sample foods from that country. We're calling it our little fiesta! Actually, I was calling it a siesta, but then hubby asked me if I was going to take a nap-I guess siesta means sleeping in Spanish? You can tell Spanish was not my strong point in high school either. :-) Anyway, I wanted the kids to have their hand in making something native to Mexico. What better to make than tortillas? At first they really didn't want to, but once they got going, watch out! They had their own little tortilla making factory. Here's Michael rolling them out....
Despite my best efforts to try to keep the tortillas round (the "right" way), they insisted on making them all different kinds of shapes-like a ghost, a little man, and oh yes, the state of Texas! Those should be fun to eat, right? Here's Rachel cooking up a decently round one-what a sweet girl to listen to Mom!
They're looking forward to learning about the next country-that is, so long as they have tasty food!


  1. I love MFW. We did it a couple of years ago and so much fun. Glad to hear school is going good. We started this week and so far so good. I love being back in the routine. We joined a co-op this year for the first time, so that will be fun. Next time I'd like to see a tortilla shaped as OU:)

  2. Amy,
    Guess what? We are about to start our first year of MFW too, and we are doing the same year as you ECC! Maybe we can bounce ideas off of each other as the year progresses. We have not started yet, but I can't wait! I'm also doing the first grade program with my six year old, but he too will do all the activities with ECC.

  3. If you study Korea let us know! We can share a lot of culture from here. Looks like you had fun making tortillas. We have to make them here because they are to exspensive at Costco.