Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Library books and furry friends

Today, my 3 oldest girls had an opportunity to participate in a great program that visited our local library. It is called Paws for Reading. This organization brings in dogs (trained ones, of course) to the library and allows kids to read books to them. It's not actually "in" the library, but at a room just outside. It is great in helping encourage kids to read, as they love having someone listen-especially a dog. We signed up for our 15 minute slot last week-and let me tell you, that's all they've been talking about up 'till today! Sarah had the sweetest little white dog to read to:

Rachel's dog looked like Otis from the movie "Milo and Otis" or even kind of like that dog from "Men in Black". Cute! She actually put him to sleep with all that reading!

Mary's dog "Gracie" didn't want to sit still at first, but being the power reader she is, after about 3 or 4 books, he decided to sit still. She pet him a lot while she was reading at the same time-it was so cute. I think out of all of them, Mary enjoyed the time the most.

The girls can't wait to do it again-the leaders said they plan on bringing the dogs back in wintertime, so we'll sign up again for sure.

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    You you are so amazing!!!!! You really must write for something or somebody! This is your calling, you are something else,Love ya you all,
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