Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sick kids, take two!

Just as Matthew got over his extended illness (9 days!) and was feeling quite back to normal, the baby started showing signs of getting sick. Poor guy-it's just awful when babies are sick. They have no idea what is happening or have any way to tell you what they want. All they can do is cry their eyes out to you. He's on his 4th day of illness now and it looks like he's starting to turn a corner. He was running a fever of 104+ the first couple days, but now it's down. Our biggest concern was dehydration from the diarrhea, as he didn't want to eat at first, but he is taking fluids quite well and even some solids. All I have to say is, whoever thought that unflavored Pedialyte was something that a child might actually drink voluntarily is crazy-apparently whoever came up with that flavor had no children! It is the most awful tasting concoction, really. I am thankful he is able to drink plenty of water, so the Pedialyte went in the trash. The only thing he is left with at this point is the diarrhea. It has slowed down a little, but it's definitely pretty regular. And with diarrhea in a baby comes-yep! Diaper rash. Ugh. We've slathered on enough Balmex to make him waterproof, but with that much coming out continually, it's like a losing battle. Diaper changes are a lot of crying on his part, though Mommy sometimes wants to cry, too, seeing him in pain. Well, for now, we're doing plenty of time in the rocking chair and trying to keep him comfortable. Time is the best remedy for these yucky viruses. We are just praying that it doesn't spread to anyone else!


  1. Aw, poor baby! :( I will pray for him......just did!

    Hey, I know the clean up might not be so fun, but you should try going diaper-free. He will get over the rash so much faster, then you can go back to diapers. Just get a huge stack of towels to go through, or receiving blankets maybe....they're soft and comfy! Have you thought about Elimination Communication? I know he wouldn't do well right now with the diarrhea, but he could still start now. Poor baby. :'(

  2. I don't know if you will get a chance to read this comment since sick little ones can keep you busy, but when my little ones get diarrhea I buy some instant rice bags (like the 5min ones from Min.Rice). Just boil the bag in a pot. Then take the water in the pot after it has boiled the rice- hence rice water. Let it cool and let them drink it. It helps settle the tummy and it helps with the acidity and therefore the diaper rash. I have been doing this since #3 and it works everytime. Just call me if this doesn't make since. Good luck!