Monday, December 10, 2012

Looks can be deceiving....

We've been dealing with some serious icky cold/virus/flu/pukey thing the whole past week and a half-ugh!  Enough is enough! But hey-when you've got 11 people living in close proximity, you're bhound to pass along plenty of germs, right?  With my 12 yo daughter home sick, laid out on the couch, I figured the rest of the kiddos could at least have some fun.  We needed  something for breakfast tomorrow and since muffins are easy, we went with that.  With Christmas coming fast, I decided I better put a couple of my Christmas pans to use. My mom just sent the cutest silicone wilton pan with gingerbread men, stocking shapes, and Christmas trees. I think it is meant for little cakes or brownies, but, trying to keep it healthy since we try to avoid sugar, I decided we could try out our regular muffin recipe in it.  I went with a chocolate wheat bran , since they're darker colored and the kids don't realize they're healthy!  They cooked up great and popped right out-yay!  When they cooled, I softened some cream cheese, put it in a decorating bag and let the kids be creative!  They did well.  Here they are:
What was funny is that my older kids asked me if we were having these for dessert.  They thought they were cakes topped with frosting!  So there you go...looks can be deceiving!  A good reminder for me-all too many times I've judged others based on what I see.   How incredibly inaccurate that is and also so very wrong!  I wish I were one to assume the best in people, but sadly, it's usually the other way.  There is so much behind one's outward appearance-what is important is not what we see, but what's in the heart.  And if we never stop to dig past the surface, we'll miss it-miss out on wonderful opportunities to help someone else, tell them about Jesus, and just love on them. I  cringe to think of how many opportunities have passed me by due to my own judgmentalism.  I pray God continues to work on my heart in this area and change me-even when it is painful. I've got a long way to go-I sure am glad He is patient!!

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  1. OMG!!! Great words of wisdom, Amy you are such a special daughter in law, Wife, Mom, friend! Please don't be so hard on yourself. You are wonderful. The good Lord doesn't make them any better than YOU!!!!! I love you dearly. You are one of my true blessing in Rose xoxoxoxoxo hugs, ;))