Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happiness for 99 cents?

Okay, so money  can't buy happiness, right?  Maybe not true happiness and the joy that comes from knowing the Lord, but it certainly can help brighten a little 4 year old boy's day!  Today's find?  A spiderman cafeteria-style plate.  The price?  99 cents!  Love it!

He brought all his money (which amounted to about 12 cents) to the store to pick out something special.  Couldn't find anything he liked and was moping quite loudly about it.  Then, just as we were preparing to go, I saw a big shelf full of character plates and cups.  Reached up to the top shelf and there it was!  I've never seen him  so excited!  I fully intended to make up the difference in the amount he would owe but my 6 year old quietly gave him the rest out of her own money.  It was so sweet and made me so proud of her.  Giving out of her own heart and expecting nothing in return.  Who says that kids can't be great teachers for us adults because I certainly learned a lot today about what it means to show selfless love.


  1. wow, nice story, I love it!children are amazing! Good hearts, I wish more adults
    Where like that. Life would be so much nicer! that was very sweet! Hugs, ;))

  2. What a wonderful post...no wonder we are to be more like little children... unselfish...giving...loving...great parenting!