Saturday, December 15, 2012

December birthdays!

We just love December around here.  Not only do we have Jesus' birthday-the most important one of all-but we also have 3 of our kiddos born in December.  Yes, Visa and Mastercard love us during this month!   This weekend we celebrated our now 13 year old and 10 year old birthdays.  Fortunately, they don't mind doing a combo birthday, which Mom most certainly appreciates. It has always been our tradition that the birthday child gets to have a special breakfast (translation...something really sugary and junky) that we don't normally have any other time of the year. For these two, we had a bunch of yummy donuts that everyone enjoyed gobbling up.

And no, the bakery didn't personalize our donuts. That's my added little touch.  I had some frosting left over from making their cake, so I decided to get creative and use it up!  The kids thought it was great! 

Unfortunately, my happiest donut eater woke up this morning like this....

 And no, it wasn't from too much sugar. It's just the end result of a serious virus that has ravaged our household the last two weeks.  It has hit everyone in our family, many of us more than once. This was his second time.  Poor guy.

Later in the afternoon, we had present opening time.  They received gift cards, money, a new backpack, and some clothes.  Here they are showing off a couple of pretty new shirts.

Then on to singing happy birthday and then some cake and ice cream!

 Here is the cake they asked me to make. It worked out well, since I could fit both names on the cake.  Perfect!

It was a quiet birthday celebration, since 13 year old decided she's too old for parties...and my wise 10 year old decided to forgo a party and instead apply the money toward an American Girl doll she's been drooling over.  But it was nice and fun to be able to let them enjoy their special day. Now a little break to prepare for the next birthday and also Christmas!  Come December 26, I think I need a nap!

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