Saturday, September 19, 2009

Enjoying the great weather...

It's been so nice the past couple days here, we went to the park...twice! The first day, we decided to try and fly a kite we'd had sitting in our closet for a little while, but just hadn't gotten around to trying to fly it. We got it all set up, with high hopes, but had no luck getting it to stay in the air! There was even a decent amount of wind-I guess we're just not too skilled in the kite flying department!
Here is a picture the girls took of some of the ducks at the park. This day, there were tons of ducks, but we had forgotten to bring any bread. The next day, we brought bread, but the ducks weren't hungry. My kids threw the bread to them and they just stood there looking at it....weird.

All the kids had a great time at the playground.

Little guy loved, loved, loved, the slide! Here he is climbing up it....
And going down.....

He was full of belly laughs! Too cute! I hope the weather stays nice like this-it's so great to be able to be outdoors without sweating to death. Now only if we can get rid of those pesky mosquitos!

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  1. I can't believe how big Luke looks in that pic. Sounds like a great day. If you've had all the rain like we have, I understand needing to get out and soak up the sun.