Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Cereal Bargains!

I am a pretty loyal Wal-Mart shopper for many reasons, but occasionally I make it over to some of the other grocery stores when they have a really great sale that's worth my time. Well recently, I encountered one of those at our local Randall's (that's Safeway for all you folks out west!). They were having a buy 5, get $5 off promo on tons of different cereals and snacks. They marked down the prices, plus gave you $5 off every 5 you bought. In addition, I also had some pretty good coupons for a lot of the cereals! So off we went to Randall's to stock up! Here's what we brought home-it's hard to see in the picture-20 items all for around $5! Pretty good, I think. The normal total would have been over $60.

The cashier said it was one of the best he'd seen! Wow-no one's ever said that to me. I was quite happy! I could have gotten more, but didn't want to be greedy and clear off the shelves. Goodness, other people need cereal too! The kids are happy with our cereal stash that should hopefully tide us over until the next great cereal sale!


  1. hey, that's a great deal, but 'tide you over till the next great deal'? Seriously? If we ate cereal every day, that much cereal would last about 10 days at our house! hehe. Glad you got a deal! That always feels good.

  2. I'm following you to the store next time. Wise shopper I am not.