Monday, September 14, 2009

The bug whisperer....

Yep..that's what we call our little 5 year old. He loves bugs-any kind. I don't know if you can see in the picture, but that's a caterpillar he collected from outside. Before that, it was a tiny little bug he had sitting on his finger, just happy as can be. Funny thing is, the bugs really love him, too. I mean, they don't try to get away! I've never seen anything like it! A couple months ago, he adopted a pet fly and carried it around on his finger most of the day. It didn't even try to fly away. Weird. Not me-the only bug language I speak involves the bottom of my shoe. But he loves them-and as long as it doesn't branch out into cockroaches, I think we're okay. :-)

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  1. Jacob is the same way, and he'll be 5 in a few weeks! Just today we found a grasshopper in our kitchen, and he immediately said, "That's my friend." as if he knew it was there the whole time. LOL! We also have two huge golden orb weaver spiders in our back yard. They are so pretty! Bugs are plentiful here, that's for sure, so my boys are happy. :)