Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playtime for little guy

I love summer....really, I do. Even with temps in the 90's and being humid as heck, I still will take it over snowstorms and ice. What I love best of all is my kiddos being able to play outside, splash in the little pool, and not have to worry about having a jacket on. In our case, at least with the little ones, sometimes the clothing is optional! Here's my little guy, playing away-having fun on the patio with his sidewalk chalk, eating a piece of bread, wearing nothing but his diaper!

I wish I could say that he doesn't normally look quite so........rustic? But I'd be lying! by 2 p.m. everyday, he almost ALWAYS looks like this. The clothes have either gotten wet, covered with food, or he chose to strip them off himself. Either way, I give up. If we're not leaving the house, really, who cares? Not this momma! I think he looks pretty sweet, actually-and nothing beats those big slobbery kisses and chunky arms wrapped around your neck!

1 comment:

  1. Luke looks just like Larry when he was a baby. Too cute. What a adorable boy! He could be a football player. So what it is too hot out to wear clothes. when he gets older he will be wearing plenty of clothes. I could just eat his little cubby face. Love Rose xo