Friday, June 18, 2010

Outdoor learning

With Dad gone for a couple days, we needed to do something fun, so I packed up the kids and headed down to Bass Pro Shop down the street to take part in their kids summer camp. They offer workshops on all different outdoor topics. My 4 girls participated in 3 of the workshops, pet safety, bird watching, and camping basics. They had a great time and earned pins for each of the ones they completed. While they were doing their classes, the litte ones and I had fun checking out the huge fish tank. My 1.5 yo thought it was just the neatest thing.

Between workshops when they had a few minutes to spare, the girls practiced their casting from one of the big boats!

At the end of the workshops, they had a s'more making time, complete with an open fire to roast them over. This was, by far, the highlight of the afternoon.

This little guy couldn't quite figure out what s'mores were, but he sure had fun trying to find out!

What a fun afternoon! We will be visiting next week again so the girls can earn the rest of their badges.

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  1. What a real fun day! You always find such great things to do! You are something else. I have never seen a Mother ;like you. You are the very best of the best! Amy, I love you so.
    Love Rose xo