Friday, June 11, 2010


It was long overdue, but I took all the girls yesterday for haircuts. Their hair was getting quite long and a hassle to take care of, especially during the hot summer months. Ironically, my 3 yo had just chopped the side of her hair (again!) with scissors. Fortunately, it doesn't look too awful-we'll just have to wait and let it grow. I've heard the comment that maybe she is going to be a hairstylist when she gets older. I don't know about that-aren't hairstylists supposed to make your hair look better? My 10 yo was our biggest change-she got so much cut off that they nearly had enough to donate to Locks for Love. Yes, I did offer that option to her, if she wanted to go a little shorter, but for her, shoulder length was short enough! They had a great time on our girls day out and were admiring eachother's 'dos. I am looking forward to less hair to comb!


  1. The girls look adorable!!!!!!!!! it is much cooler for them. Also they all look so fresh & ready for summer. What a Mom, Lo ve You,
    Love Rose xo