Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cake decorators!

Today my 4 oldest became cake decorators! I had 4 cakes baked up and stored in my freezer, awaiting some creative kiddos to frost them. They each picked out what color they liked best and, after frosting them white, they tried their hand at decorating them. They did very well, especially since it can be quite hard to hold the bag shut while squeezing the frosting out.

Here are the finished products. I was very proud of their creativity and they had a great time!


  1. These are Great!!! You are such a fun Mommy with all your creative projects for your children.

  2. What a Mom, you really are something else. You are so creative, it is unreal, plus you always doing with the children for learning & fun. What a real blessing you are.
    Love ROSE XO

  3. I love the Rolex cake, that mus be Mary, Too cute !!!!!!!!!!! xo