Monday, February 22, 2010

More visit updates

This weekend, my 7 yo daughter participated in the district spelling bee in the Houston area. This was just for the younger kids and was considered just for fun, as they don't advance to the regular scripps competition. She did well and placed 10th. There were a lot of really great spellers there-they spelled some words that many adults wouldn't be able to spell! Here she is just before the competiton. We're so proud of her!

Later that day, we took Grandma out to the Forbidden Gardens, right near us, which is supposed to be similair to the Forbidden City in China. We just finished studying China in school, so it was a good field trip.

Here is a replica of the terracotta soldiers that were found buried with the Chinese emperor, who thought they would defend him in the afterlife. Obviously not true, but interesting to see anyway. Originally there were 8,000 lifesize soldiers found. These are a 1/3 replica and there are about 4,000 of them.

Another small scale version of the palaces. The detail was incredible.

On Sunday, it was church-we were proud to have Grandma as our honored guest. Here is a picture taken directly after. Isn't it beautiful?

Grandma will need to check her suitcase before she leaves-she may have a little stowaway in there!

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  1. First of all congrads to Mary! Then i'm so happy your Mom had a wonderful time. You are a wonderful daughter, daghter in-law, Mom, & wife,& sister. You are one of a kind. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.