Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life almost back to normal

After having sickies for over a week, it looks like we may be coming to the tail end of illness in our house. The baby started feeling a bit sick today with some bad diapers, but most everyone else is feeling better. The only one who was spared is my oldest son, but he may be next. Life has been getting back to normal. School is going on pretty much as usual. The oldest boys are back into biology, this time dissecting a new little critter-a crawfish. They were able to open it up and see the brain (which is quite tiny), the reproductive organs, and all the other glorious inside parts. I've never eaten crawfish-and really don't want to after seeing it like this-but the insides looked incredibly similair to chicken. Don't know if the taste is the same!

My oldest has been working lots of hours at his job lately and was called in today. However, when he came in, someone else asked to work his shift who didn't have many hours, so he gladly obliged. I was happy to have him home because I needed someone to put together our new office chair. Our other one had seen better days-it had a hole ripped in the seat and was in need of replacing for a while. Here he is, working away! I'm so happy he could do it-if it were left to me, it would still be in the box.

So there you have it-life back to normal at our house!

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  1. Kuddos to Matthew!! He is the best. I Pray no more sick children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to u all,
    Love Rose xo