Friday, February 5, 2010

Homeschool happenings

I haven't been consistent in my blogging this week at all-I guess you could say that life happens! And it most certainly does at our house! This week, my big kiddos had a dissecting project in biology. The poor victim? A big earthworm. They got to see all the inner parts and intestines and were just slightly grossed out by it. I actually thought it was pretty cool.
Next up will be a long-legged frog and a crawfish! Geez, my kids are soooo excited! Elsewhere in the house, my little ones were busy building a 3 story luxury home out of gears.
They said it was for their reindeer, but when they went looking, they found that he escaped-or ran away. The new tenant? Mr. Mole. I think he fits in there quite nicely.
In other exciting news, someone very important came back to stay at our house.....
Yes, it's Mr. Bosch! He was truly missed during his 2 1/2 weeks at the factory getting an overhaul. Like I say, only I can break a machine like this that's not even 2 years old. It is such an essential machine in our home and gets used everyday, so you can imagine why I was jumping up and down, ecstatic, when he came home.
I did develop quite the arm muscles from hand kneading during his absence. And shared some fun moments of bread making with the kids...
Awwwww....maybe we'll have to put the machine away every once and a while!

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  1. You are so good to do all you do! What a Mom & wife. I told you, you are the very best of best there is. That is the truth. Amy every day i thank the good lord for you. You are such a blessing in my life. I love you.
    Love Rose xo