Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What would you pay for a nap?

Sunday night was date night for hubby and I-something we try to do consistently about every 6 weeks or so. We need the refreshment and adult time to talk about something besides kids!  Actually our date nite was Saturday, but he was sick so we switched it to Sunday.  Fortunately, our babysitter
(our oldest son) had off both days, so it was fine.  Problem was....I was sick.  Sick with this awful, yucky, head cold/sore throat thing I received on Christmas and does not want to let up.   Fearing it would be way too long before we got to do it again, and knowing how much he wanted to go see a particular movie, I decided to buck it up and push through.  I wasn't trying to play the martyr role and hubby was not making me feel guilty if I didn't want to go, I just figured maybe I'd start feeling better once I was out and about.  Well....that was a wrong guess.

 We got to the theater and bought our tickets for the 3 hour (yes, 3 hours!) movie and hunkered down.  I stayed with it for much of the first part, but my body took over after that and I snoozed...out cold for the last 2/3 of the movie.  So if you're going to see the Hobbit, don't ask me if it's a good movie-I don't know! Though it was a bummer to miss a movie you paid good money for, I got to thinking that actually, it was money well spent, considering the circumstances.  I mean, I would never have gotten over 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep  in the middle of the day like I did there.  No one waking me to ask for something, no loud voices keeping me awake (okay-the movie volume doesn't count), and it was nice and dark.  Ahhhhhhhh....it was actually....nice! Hmmmm..maybe I should do this more often!

After the movie, we drove to dinner and, despite having a server who was shockingly inattentive (okay-actually completely absent!), we were able to enjoy a good meal, but more importantly, some good conversation and time spent together.  And we got a good laugh about the server. When we got home, I promptly put myself to bed and rested, which is what my body was screaming for!  Should I have gone out that nite?  Probably not-I would have done better nursing myself back to health.  But was it worth it?  You bet!

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  1. I say time well spent!!! I bet it was a great nap. Your poor body, needs a rest!!! I wish I could come & give you a break,but I think then I would need a rest! Mommys are hard to quit!!! you are one the best Mommys I know, love ya, hugs,;)) xoxoxoxoxox