Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A fun outing!

Today we took a special field trip to a special place my 8 year old son had been waiting an eternity for-the Lego store!  Fortunately for us, there is one here in Houston only a half hour away, but since we're never in that part of town, we just never made the trip there.  We picked the perfect day-nonstop pouring rain all day-and headed down to the mall.  He and my 4 year old son were in awe when we finally reached the store.  So many legos in one place!
There was a huge selection, yes, but given that Legos aren't exactly cheap, we would have needed to take out a small loan to please these little guys!  We finally settled on a small minifigure pack, which he paid for, and mom splurged for a lego shaped bank for big guyand a spiderman keychain for little brother.   

After getting little sister a new wallet at the accessories store, we decided to go get
a bite to eat at Chick fila.  Yum!  And after riding the escalator up and down about five times, we headed back home-in the storms!  But even though the skies were gloomy, we had a great day together!


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  1. What a Mother, you are the very best AMY!!!
    You are a troper, hugs, xo