Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grandma's visit

I am very blessed to have such a wonderful mother-in-law, and my kids, such a great and caring grandmother. Since she lives several states away, we are only able to see her usually 2 or 3 times a year. Because of that, everyone looks forward to her visit with great anticipation! Well, this past week was the visit-and what a great one it was! Grandma always comes bearing gifts, and this visit was no exception. Check out these cute matching aprons she brought for the girls! (She's so crafty!) The morning after her arrival, the littlest kiddos had the excitement of being able to attend the neighbor's 1st birthday party, complete with moon bouncer, lunch, and oh....lots of candy!

At home, Grandma and the girls got right down to business, starting on some fun crafts that mom never seems to find the time to do! My being very non-creative also probably has something to do with it! Here is my 11 yo decorating some cute little purses.. (sorry for the sideways pic)

She even managed to teach my 8 yo to knit.....and love it, too! Here's the pretty scarf she finished.

There was also plenty of playing outside, a trip to the park and mcdonald's, and just a lot of enjoyiing one another. She is beautiful both inside and out....she's our super Grandma!


  1. Thank you Amy, for the kinds words! I love working with the girls, love watching Mary playing her Volin. Also is great to take Matthew driving,it was great! Thank you all for making me feel so warm & welcome, Love you all, xo grandma Rose xo

  2. so special - what a blessing wonderful mother in laws/grandmas are ... we have an amazing one too!