Saturday, September 25, 2010

A long absence

Yes, it's been awhile..weeks in fact, since I've been updating this blog at all. So why the absence? Many of you know, it's been for a very, very good reason..........

That is my 15 yo son, recovering after being hit by a car while riding his bike 2 weeks ago. It's an event I hope no other parent has to go through. There are so many emotions we've dealt with through all of this, from fear to thankfulness, but I can truly say that his sitting on the couch in this picture is nothing short of a miracle. The doctors may not be able to explain it, but I know God can! He has a long road to recovery, but is taking it one day at a time. Thankfully, he has improved tremendously over these past 2 weeks, and I expect that he will continue on that course for the duration. Life is precious-I always knew that-but wow, something like this sure makes that a reality.


  1. Amy, when I was 16, I was in a terrible wreck. The only explanation for my survival (according to the police and my dad) was the angel that must have pulled me out of the car at impact. I remember being at home after spending a week in the hospital and waking each morning to my dad just standing at the end of my bed, watching me. I can imagine that is what you are doing now. Continued prayers!

  2. I know in my heart there was a angel on Chris's shoulder. I will continue to pray for Chris. The Good Lord how a bigger & better plan for Chris. Jusr so sorry you & Larry as parents had too go thru this. It is a parents worse nite mare. I remmber when Larry had his accident with his hand. My heart came right thru my skin. You are the very best Mom there is in the world. I love you so, Amy. Please take real good care of yourself, as if you are not well no one is well. You are such a blessing to me, Love Rose xo

  3. oh my goodness - how scary for all of you! so glad he was ok ... God is good!