Friday, August 20, 2010

My favorite kitchen things....

Spending so much time in my kitchen, cooking for a crowd, I thought I would post some of my favorite kitchen gadgets-probably many that you have, too!
First off, a pizza cutter. Not just for pizza, either-I use this for cutting up tortillas, bread, and food for my little ones. A great tool! We like the Sam's club pizza cutters the best.

Next, the scoops. In whatever size helps you! I use them for scooping cookie dough, muffin batter, etc. Much easier than using a regular spoon.

My pastry brush. Great for brushing on sauces, butter, water. The ones with the nylon bristles are the best-they don't shed like the other brushes.

My kitchen shears have been indispensible. I use them to cut up all kinds of things-including the little kids' food. Mine are a junky dollar store pair, but they work just fine.

Here's one I recently got-maybe a couple months over the sink colander. I can't believe it took me so long to finally buy one of these! It is huge, which is perfect for us, and so nice that it doesn't have to sit on the bottom of the sink!

My husband would be proud of this one....a cooking thermometer. We have several of these-I think it goes with having a chef husband. I always temp my meat that I'm cooking. I'm just not willing to take the risk of getting someone sick. Sometimes things look done, but they're not on the inside. Don't eyeball it-get a thermometer!

This one looks kind of strange...but this may be my most used item of all. They are silicone baking liners that go on your pans. Just pop one of those on and you don't have to spray the pan or line it with parchment. They clean up great, too. I love these and use them daily!

Not really a gadget, but these are my baking pans (that the liners go on top of!) I have used tons of baking pans and these are, by far, the best. They come in a 2 pack at sam's club and are super cheap. They last forever and are a great investment!

So there you have it-nothing spectacular, but a little peek into some items that help our kitchen run a little more smoothly!

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