Sunday, August 22, 2010


The younger ones have been learning about birds in science. Besides reading tons about how they fly and the many different kinds, we had a few fun hands-on activities to do, too. They made a bird feeder, using a soda bottle. It now graces our tree in the front yard and we're sure it will attract many visitors soon, once they realize it is there!

We also made a fun snack-birds' nests. It's made from Chinese noodles (those crunchy ones), melted chocolate and peanut butter, and coconut. Just mix together and plop down in the shape of a bird nest. We added some mini marshmallows to look like eggs. They don't look all that great in the picture, but they tasted pretty yummy!

Though it's not a bird, we discovered this pretty butterfly in our yard. I'm not quite sure what it was doing, but it kept hanging out right by us. I was able to pick it up when it had its wings closed so the kids could all take a closer look at it. Pretty cool!

God made some amazing creatures and we've enjoyed learning about them!

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  1. Again, what a MOTHER, you are!!!!!!!!!!! U r so bright, ur r such a blessing to the world. Plus your children are getting a wonderful education. xo