Saturday, February 16, 2013

Recap of our Valentine's week

We kept fairly busy this Valentine's week-besides the usual day to day school and house stuff, we had one very fun and highly anticipated field trip to the American Girl store!  Yes, my 7 year old was in heaven.....just look at all that girl stuff!

Here's what she was here to look at specifically....all the accessories for her beloved Kit doll.  Too bad  one of her outfits cost more than my little girl has ever had in her bank account (and more than I would want to spend!)  But that's okay..........that's what birthdays and Christmas are for! :-)

After a fun browsing time-including my rambunctious 4 year old bouncing off the walls- and a little bit of walking around the mall, we decided to stop at the food court for a nice bite to eat. Yum!  Amazing how McDonalds can just make my kids' day!

Being Valentine's week, the next day, my 7 and 8 year old participated in a fun Valentine's exchange-they had fun and it was a whole lot better than the ones we had when I was in school!

 My littler kids convinced me that we needed to go with a definite Valentine's theme this week, as far as food goes.  So we put forth a little (okay...maybe a lot!) more effort into preparation.  Here were a couple of the school kids lunches this week...
Heart shaped cheese and crackers, chocolate (healthy!) muffins, strawberries, and trail mix

Heart shaped sandwiches, cranberries (they look like raisins here, I know), homemade heart shaped chips, and a valentines chocolate

For breakfast?  How about valentine shaped pancakes-we tinted half the batch pink...

 And heart shaped poptarts!  They were whole wheat and made with our homemade strawberry jam, so not full of added sugar and junk..

Okay...this one was not healthy at all- I made a heart shaped cinnapie for dessert. Junky, yes, but they enjoyed it!

To cap off our valentines day, we took a quick trip to....

Yes! The new Whole foods market in Katy!  One of my favorite stores, but they're not kidding when they say you can spend your whole paycheck there! We didn't though-just bought the few things we came for and admired everything else.
This weekend it's taking it easy...a couple of sick ones at our house that will hopefully be cleared up in the next couple days.  Time for some good DVD watching and snuggling time!


  1. WOW!!! WHAT A MOTHER!!!!!!!!
    I know I say the same thing every time, but so true, you are simply the best, Mother I know. You are a real blessing to those children, but they don't know that, but I do, love you Amy, hugs, ;))

  2. Hi, Amy!!! Not sure if you even check this anymore, but I was just going through some very old posts on MY blog (which I am bad about keeping up with) and found this link to yours! I had to comment about the pic at the top.....the hand christmas tree! We had the same one (not sure if we still do since we don't do christmas anymore), for Jonathan, I believe. I think I made those with the toddlers in my SS class years ago!!! Is that Sarah's? How cool!

    Cindy P.