Sunday, May 8, 2011

Girls weekend away

This weekend I had the honor of traveling to Dallas with 3 of my favorite 3 oldest girls.

Our weekend started off early in the morning, for the 4.5 hour drive-a long one, but we took lots of stops. Our first destination when we finally arrived in Dallas was the American Girl store, a place my girls have been dying to visit for a long time. Being that there are only a handful of them in the U.S., they felt quite privileged to have visited one!

The store itself is two stories tall, with the store on the bottom and a doll hair salon and bistro on the top level. Our splurge for them at the store was allowing them to each have their doll's hair styled the way they chose. Here's Lanie giving a wave from the salon chair.

Here is Elizabeth's pretty style that my oldest daughter picked out.

My 9 year old had her picture taken with the cardboard cutout of the Doll of the Year-they kind of look similair in the picture, don't you think?

After a fun filled afternoon, we checked in at the hotel and went to the pool to relax for a while. Fun, but it was freezing! The girls didn't mind, though.

After a nice dinner out (yes, for us, Subway is nice!), we relaxed outside by the firepit they had at the hotel and sipped some tea and talked. We did this the next nite, too! This was a precious time and a great way to listen to all my girls had to say!

The next 2 days we spent at the homeschool convention-shopping for curriculum, attending workshops, and even spending some time relaxing by the lake just outside the convention center, where it was being held. They did so well, even when having to sit at some of the vendor booths for quite a long time while mom talked to the representatives. I was so proud-and they received many nice compliments. We finally rolled back into town about 8:00 on Saturday nite-worn out from the long drive, but discussing what our next trip may be! We enjoyed our special girl time together, something we had never done before, but definitely will do again. It was a precious time for me and just what I needed to connect with my girls' hearts! I am blessed!


  1. I love your daughters' swim dresses. Where did you get them? Wondering if they are made specifically for the water. I am trying to find swim dresses for my girls that have long sleeves and cover the knee.

  2. How fun for all. Rachael does look like the girl. This is every Moms dream to spend alone time with just the girls. I'm so happy for you all. Sounds like so much fun, what a great Mother you are, I'm so very blessed to be part of this amazing family.
    Love you all, Rose xo :)

  3. how special that sounds! it's always nice to have a change in routine and have some special times with kiddos!