Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enjoying the nice days...

Lately, we've been enjoying the nice weather here..highs in the low 80's-perfect for getting out and enjoying some sunshine. The kiddos have rediscovered the trampoline....even the little guy!

My goofy 6 yo loves swinging on the bar-he's so tiny he actually fits!
Here's my sweet 4 yo doll, getting ready to go grocery shopping with Mom. Notice the purse? She's ready to go!

This shot just about sums up my almost 2 yo's personality-on the go, looking for action, and very carefree! I think this was about the time he spotted some bouncy balls and was getting ready to go play some soccer!

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  1. It is so nice to see children playing outside!!!!!!! That is where they should be when the weather is nice. Luke looks like a football player, too cute. Great insects, very cute. You are one heck of a Mother, Love ya, Amy, xo